The final guidance has come.Prayers have been answered. 
Mercy has neared upon one and all. Colors of the world will change.
Let darkness be erased with light.


The final guidance has come.
Prayers have been answered.
 Mercy has neared upon one and all.
Colors of the world will change.
Let darkness be erased with light.
Let us spread our hearts with kindness and simplicity.
A true man of wisdom shall notice the truth.
Let us unite in the spiritual world.
Let us find out the true meaning of divine light.
Let us protect ourselves and our children.
Let us take a step ahead to victory.
Let us unite to please Allah and dwell in the gardens of Jannah.
Let us own the title of heirs of Jannah, Alwarithin.
This is how we should be seen.
From Allah back to Allah through many challenges.
Will we see the smiles throughout the universe.
From discovering knowledge shown to us,
by none other than the commander of the believers,
Imaam Al Mahdi.
From the river to the sea.
Palestine will be free.
Flag of Army of Allah by Sayidina Jibrael Aleih Salaam to save the Ummah
Welcome to Alwarithin, Heirs of Jannat

Brutal events of Gaza Massacre is prophecy  came true
 for the coming of Sayidina Imam Mahad Sadiqul Ameen, Join Alwarithin Organization for the Unity of the Ummah to speed up his emergency and save Masjidil Aqsa, Jerusalem, Palestine, and entire Muslim Ummah.

Matrimonial Services
Marriage in Islam is scared worship of Allah that has its final destination in Jannat. At Alwarihtin, Heirs of Jannat, we offer Matrimonial services called Mathna, where we connect individuals seeking marriage.More Info
Dhijru-llah means remembrance of Allah which is life for the soul, heart, and body of a believer, salah is the main remembrance of Allah , then followed by His Glorification at all times, and also specific time in the morning and evening. more info  
Business INC 
Alwarithin organization has incorporated with businesses as partner .More Info
Alwarithin, heirs of Jannat, enjoy spiritual healing of light of Quran that enlighten their hearts, soul and body and they get cure from all kinds of spiritual and physical sicknesses.More info

Khadimul Arsh 

Khadimul Arsh-llah Al Adhim, The servant to the Great throne of Allah Subhanahu Wata'la is the head of Alwarithin organization as founder. Other titles that describe his great work are; Jabal Haqq ( Mountain of Truth), Nurul-Anwar ( Light of lights), Sayyidil Abraar Master of believers, Imamul-Warithin, ( Imam of heirs of Jannat. 
Office of His Highness Khadimul Arsh secretariat comprised of the following:
1. Secretary for Khalifahs 
2. Secretary for Commissioners
3. Secretary for Imams
4. Secretary for Consular 

Together we hold the title of heirs of Jannat, Alwarithin. 

Holy Quran Al-Kareem 
A promised healing for the Ummah.
A power witnessed by the Heavens and everything surrounding it.
With Angels implementing orders to fulfill His wish.
To protect the believers now, in the grave and in the hereafter.
The powerful and awaited SIGN before Qiymmah.
An acceptance from Allah should we pay gratitude to.
And stand together and strong.
As we hold the title of the Ummah, the heirs of Jannah, Alwarithin.
The time to fulfill our duty as Alwarithin is now.
Let us beat the clock.
The Flag of victory is the flag we will put up high.
Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, The one and only, The Supreme, The Judge.
Has sent His most powerful servent Sayyidina Jibraeel Aleih Salaam.
To reveal what he willed, The Quran Al Kareem Lil Warithin.
In its full and final form.
Read in the name of the thy Lord was its first revelation.
Sacred and true are the words revealed.
Suuh Quran Al Kareem Lil Warithin is the sacred name. 
A message we should take with our hearts and soul.

Holy Quran Al-Kareeem
 Lil Warithin,
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to get a copy.

Call of Action

Allah Subhanahu Wataala has spiritual layer of light of the holy Quran to protect believers revealed in the verse Ha Mim Ain Sin Qaf C: 42 : 1-2, from seen and un seen evils of devils.
After the Gaza Massacre's of this year 2024/1445, This layer of light has been activated by Sayidina Jibrael peace be upon him (aleih salaam) in Laylatul Qadir of Ramadan this year of 1445/2024 with the Holy Quran Al-Kareem Lil-Warithin entrusted to servant of Allah known as Khadimul Arsh as confirmation for emergency of Imam Mahad The Trustworthy the truthful (Sadqul Ameen) any time soon, executing the Command of Allah Most Exalted the Glorified (Subhanahu Wataala) to save Masjidil Aqsa, Jerusalem, Palestine.
Only those holding the title of heirs of Jannat Alwarithin with in entire Muslim Ummah are protected. If you want to be protected Join Alwarithin Organisation now with your family and friends from anywhere in the world. We Call Muslim brothers and sisters facing persecution in India, China, Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Lybia, Europe, Africa, to join individually , or groups, communities, nations, etc. Leaders of Muslim Nations, if you do not want your nation to be affected by evil of devils as they have done to Palestine, join Alwarithin quickly without any delay if you believe in Allah Most Glorified the Exalted (Subhanahu Wataala) and His Messenger Nabi Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama, and in Quran as last revelation.

Together we can save Gaza, Jerusalem, Palestine, and entire Muslim Ummah!